Son Gibert, Palma. | Ultima Hora


Four new nursery schools for 0-3 year olds will open in Palma in the next three years according to Palma Mayor, José Hila and Education Councillor, Llorenç Carrió who described them as "a realistic goal adapted to current needs."

The four centres will cost almost 3 million euros and provide more than 200 extra places, making a total of 15 nursery schools and 1,267 places in the capital.

“The centres will be located in neighbourhoods that are considered a priority based on educational needs,” said Mayor Hila.

The first one will be in Carrer de la Reina Maria Cristina in the Plaza de Toros area of the city, with 37 places for the next academic year.

The second will be in El Terreno, with 37 places and accommodation negotiations are currently being finalised.

The third nursery will be in Pere Garau with 37 places and the hunt is on to find suitable local rental accommodation.

The fourth will be a new building in the Son Gibert district of the city with 103 places. A Municipal plot has already been reserved and is being financed through Capital Law, according to Mayor Hila.

Waiting list

Around 250 children attend Municipal Nursery Schools in Palma and the 4 new centres mean those who’ve been on a waiting list will now have a place.

The increase in nursery school places will help childrens' development and allow parents to get back to work, said Councillor, Llorenç Carrió”. “It will also allow us to move towards the real universalisation of 0-3 education.”