Artà, Mallorca. | Ultima Hora

Councils in the Municipalities of Mallorca are being given a common 21.2 million euro fund.

The President of the Consell, Catalina Cladera, and Conseller of Promoció Econòmica, Jaume Alzamora announced the aid, which will be used to create jobs, carry out 162 improvement projects and boost the economy.

The Municipalities will contribute 14.8 million euros; the Government and Consell will contribute 50% of the 21.2 million euro budget and Local Councils will have to contribute a minimum of 33% of the final budget for the projects.

The aim is to improve energy efficiency in public spaces, buildings and urban spaces renovate the water network and promote accessibility and sustainable urban mobility.

The Details

Each Council can submit up to 8 projects, although some have opted for a single large-scale action.

Artà wants to remodel the old town and renovate the drinking water, sewage and rainwater networks. That project will cost 1.1 million euros and must be completed before March 31, 2023.

Inca City Council has also submitted a single 1.1 million euro proposal to install a new drinking water supply pipe between the tank located on the Sa Mina de Lloseta Estate and the city's distribution ring.

This is one of the investment calls that we have made with agility and speed, which mobilises almost 40 million euros of investment linked to the axis of the 2030 Agenda, for the well-being of the residents in the Municipalities of Mallorca and in terms of energy efficiency,” said Cladera.

40% of the Municipalities will receive an investment of half a million euros or more,” explains Councillor Alzamora. “This investment demonstrates the effort that the Administrations are making to boost economic activity in the Municipalities in the next months and the effort Councils are making to reactivate the economy.”