Real Club Náutico, Palma. | Joan Torres


Real Club Náutico in Palma has notified its members that the Balearic Port Authority has told RCN Board Members that the club doesn't have a concession to manage the facilities, according to a report issued by the State attorney in the Balearic Islands, at the request of APB Director, Juan Carlos Plaza.

"This report concludes that the legal nature of the title granted to the Real Club Náutico in Palma is a service management contract and not a concession, which prevents the possibility of extending the concession term."

Yacht Club President, Emerico Fuster has requested a meeting at Puertos del Estado headquarters in Madrid next week, "to clarify the situation and seek possible solutions."

A General Assembly will be called shortly in order to provide in depth information and deal with the detail of the situation we find ourselves in,” said Fuster. "There is no doubt that the Board of Directors will fight for our rights by all legal means within our reach."


Real Club Náutico also points out that the current concession was granted in 1948, was last renewed in 1994 and terminates at the end of 2022 and during the last presidential elections, candidates affirmed that the objective was get an extension until 2042.