Police in Carrer de Blanquerna, Palma.

Police in Carrer de Blanquerna, Palma.

05-03-2021Ultima Hora

Local Police were out on patrol in Carrer de Blanquerna, Santa Catalina and Passeig Mallorca on Friday making sure that people were complying with the coronavirus restrictions and they issued around 80 sanctions.

One bar was closed down for breaching the rules when 14 customers were caught smoking inside the premises.

This is the first weekend that bar and restaurant terraces have been open in Mallorca since January 13 and warnings were issued earlier this week to remind people that surveillance was being reinforced.

Up until last Tuesday bars and restaurants could only serve food to Takeaway or pick up and meetings were limited to those living in the same house.

Police will be checking a number of issues, including terrace capacity, the wearing of masks when customers are not eating or drinking and that those sitting together are from no more than two different families.

They will also be checking that bars are not selling alcohol to Takeaway, unless it is accompanied by food, to avoid illegal drinking in the streets and prevent them becoming an extension of terraces.

The operation is being coordinated by the General Directorate of Emergencies & Interior and includes Local Police and State Security Officers and 174 Covid informants in Mallorca, Minorca and Formentera, who’ve been deployed to the most risky points, such as bar terraces, places where there’s a concentration of bars and restaurants and promenades.

"Surveillance will be strict, let no one think that at this time there are no controls,” said Presidency Minister, Mercedes Garrido.


Police will also be patrolling the beaches now that the weather is improving.

Beach gatherings are limited to 6 people from a maximum of 2 different families, who must all wear masks and maintain social distancing.

Three Emergency drones with optical and infrared cameras are being used for beach surveillance and on Friday they flew over the coastline between Son Serra de Marina and Playa de Muro.


To reinforce the message of prudence, the Government says fines will be issued for non-compliance with the coronavirus regulations.

The decree regulating sanctions for the Balearic Islands was approved in June and since then 11,661 complaints have been filed, 949 against establishments and the rest against individuals and most of them were for not wearing a face mask.

Sanction proposals of more than 2.1 million euros are currently being processed, including 1.7 million euros worth for companies and 438,000 euros worth for individuals.

8,197 of the complaints were issued in Mallorca, 952 in Menorca, 2,303 in Ibiza and 209 in Formentera.


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Tom / Hace 8 months

We need not worry about these small breeches ! We need to worry about Armengol and co allowing and bowing to the Tourism lobby for the sake of cash back to Tui , and co afterall they need to refuel and maintain their 143 m mega yacht ! Currently in mallorca We will see the stupidity of government and tourism lobby over the next week loosening too quickly restrictions to then all having to pull the hand brake big time again around june july . Remember less than 3 percent of the balearic population is vaccinated to date ! Mix that with half vaccinated mass tourism and the result will be the same as last year ! Complete lock downs again . Armengol and co fired and the islands even more in a bad economic shape than now


Colin Allcars / Hace 8 months

The stupidity of these people, who are offered a lifeline only to jeopardise recovery by seeking to break the rules at the first opportunity, is beyond belief.