Playa de Muro, Mallorca

Playa de Muro in better days.

07-03-2021Javier Furones

Speaking to the broadcaster Canal4 in the Balearics, the president of the Playa de Muro Hoteliers Association, José de Luna, has called for President Armengol to resign.

Preferente magazine in Mallorca has highlighted statements by De Luna, president of Esperanza Hoteles. He described Armengol's management of the crisis as "disastrous" and was critical of both the Balearic and Spanish governments and also of the Balearic tourism minister, Iago Negueruela.

Prior to becoming tourism minister in 2019 and also minister for the economic model and employment, Negueruela's portfolio was employment, trade and industry. De Luna noted that before he became tourism minister, Negueruela was in charge of "tremendous" numbers of inspections of hotels.

During the crisis, hoteliers in Mallorca have looked to be supportive of the government, to work with it on initiatives such as the tourist pilot plan last summer and not voice criticisms. But in mid-January, Maria Frontera, president of the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation, attacked the government's "inaction". She said that hoteliers were not ruling out "mobilising" if concrete proposals for aid for the regional tourism sector were unforthcoming. The administrations, she stated, "were not aware of the disaster" facing hotels.


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Tnt / Hace 11 months

For now Armengol has done a great job as lives matter more than restaurants bars and hotels . Problem is she will be pressured too opening up to soon the restrictions by the likes of Tui Ceo currently lobbying her as he needs to refuel his 143 m mega yacht lying off portals ....


Nigel / Hace 11 months

I am sure the next election will will decide without calling for any resignations as her resignation will not make much difference with her present "cronies" in power. However I am surprised at the lack of support for those who have suffered as socialists are generally very good at giving away other peoples money. The bottom line is you get what you vote for.


Brian Badonde / Hace 11 months

Shaz Conners I’m guessing you don’t own a business affected by this? We’ve been left with 0 help from the government. The only thing they did for us last year was reduce our bin charges from 5000 to 2500. So as a business we’ve had to take out massive bank loans to get through this. When they recently issued payments of 1500€ per month to restaurants we didn’t qualify because we weren’t open in December before the last closure happened. The way her government has treated businesses that rely on hospitality and tourism has been disgraceful, so I for one support calls for her resignation.


Shaz Conners / Hace 11 months

What is the point of calling for Armengol´s resignation?? It is not all about hotels and bars, is it? Armengol´s first and foremost priority is lives. Not livelyhoods, not work, but lives. After that, she can deal with all the rest. So, as many people call for her resignation, as many people probably think she has done a great job, saving lots of lives on Mallorca, rather than giving in to commerce, money and people losing jobs and livelyhoods. I am sure she realises the massive damage to the Mallorcan economy. But, what choice did she really have?