Intensive care unit occupancy is now less of a concern than it was. | Teresa Ayuga

The Tuesday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 35 new positive cases of coronavirus, twelve more than on Monday. Thirty of the cases are in Mallorca, three are in Ibiza and two are in Minorca. The test rate is 1.74% based on 2,011 tests, 867 more tests than were reported on Monday.

The number of Covid patients on wards in Mallorca has increased by seven to 49, while it is down by two in Ibiza to 32. There are no patients in Minorca. In intensive care, there are four fewer patients in Mallorca (21). The numbers for Ibiza and Minorca - twelve and one - are unchanged. The total of 34 is the lowest since late August; there were 33 ICU patients on August 24.

Three more patients have been discharged from hospital, while a further 111 have recovered. The health service is attending to a total of 1,148 people. Primary care in Mallorca is monitoring 815, seventeen fewer than on Monday. One new death has been confirmed; the total since the start of the pandemic is 734.

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In terms of vaccination, a total of 91,982 doses have been administered, 73,940 of these in Mallorca. There are 25,376 people who have received two doses, 20,171 of them in Mallorca.