Visit to the area.

Visit to the area.


"We must be prepared to start the summer season safely, and Mallorca and Pollensa are ready," said the President of the Council of Mallorca, Cati Cladera, this morning on a visit to Pollensa. The visit was aimed at relaunching the holiday season and Cladera was accompanied by tourism boss, Andreu Serra.

The Mayor of Pollensa, Antoni Cifre, said that the area must offer a great quality beach holiday with top amenities. He said that the new Tourist Information Office in the Port was a prime example. Cifre says that through this office tourists would be informed about all the joys of the area. He also encouraged tourists to explore the beautiful Pollensa countryside and sample local cuisine.

Cladera said that the improving Covid situation on the island with a drop in the number of cases meant that the tourist season could soon start. She said that her department would continue to provide funding for first rate cultural projects such as the Pollensa festival.


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Andy / Hace 10 months

Who cares, Pollensa is a backwater. Who would want to own a house in the middle of nowhere where nothing happens and all the restaurants are second rate 🤷‍♂️


JTR / Hace 10 months

Stephen and Rich - I wonder if delaying until September will give the council time to fix, once and for all, the leaking sewage system near Pollenca beach? We have been there for the past 20 years + and every year there is raw sewage, especially on Pine Walk. They claim it is a jewel in the crown for tourism which would be true if it were able to meet the Blue Flag standards. As it is, I doubt it is any better than beaches in 3rd world countries. The problem has been exacerbated by the building of massive blocks of flats behind Pine Walk, with no thought to the impacts on the infrastructure. It stinks (in more ways than one) of money grabbing. I have asked the MDB to raise a campaign but this fell on deaf ears. What can be done about it? The pandemic has given them enough time and reason to fix what will be a very damaging problem.


Rich / Hace 10 months

Apologies Stephen I read your comment wrong.


Rich / Hace 10 months

Stephen, take a look at the data before slagging of the UK, I assure you uk are safer than most. I say September for every country, including mainland Spain.


Howard / Hace 10 months

As if she could care. Has been receiving her full wages since day one and spent most of that time shopping online.


Stephen / Hace 10 months

Can’t see it happening until September at the earliest for UK tourists even those that have properties in Majorca as most will wait until Majorca and the rest of the EU catches up with the vaccine rate of the UK.


JTR / Hace 10 months

I do hope that Mr Cifre stops covering over the raw sewage on the beaches at Puerto Pollenca and fixes the problem. how else can it be classed as a premier tourist resort.