Roof tops in Palma. | Teresa Ayuga

Palma City Council has asked the government to expropriate apartments from large holders such as banks and vulture funds, for social rent.

Model de Ciutat Minister, Neus Truyol described the Government’s temporary expropriation of 56 empty homes for 7 years for social housing as “very good news.”

The temporary use transfer, which is included in the Balearic Housing Law, was approved in 2018 and allows for flats to be removed from the market and rented to those in need for a maximum 30% of their income.

"We have long demanded that this Balearic Housing Law mechanism be implemented,” he said. “It’s a pioneering mechanism at State level and we assume that there are other Communities that will want to do the same.”

“We are in a situation where access to housing is unsustainable for the vast majority of families, so any mechanisms that improvement the situation are good news,” added Minister Truyol. "The City Council has told the Balearic Government that when there is a possibility of accessing empty homes temporarily in the future, we also want to expropriate them and offer them for social rent.


Minister Truyol said he was unaware of a case involving 11 expropriated flats in Palma.

"There are certainly many more cases of apartments that have been empty for more than two years,” he said. “The big tenants are to blame for the crisis, but they're not being co-responsible when it comes to finding solutions to the housing problem, so the Administration is forced to intervene and act.

The Government will pay 1.8 million euros for the first package of empty apartments listed in catalogues by Banks, large Investment Funds and Development Companies.