Woman running in Palma park. | EFE


44% of women in Mallorca have been harassed while they were exercising outside; 26.09% were physically harassed, and 91.30% were verbally harassed, according to data from a final degree project in Criminology by Mallorcan Lawyer Pep Alemany and Local Police.

The ‘La por d’elles’ study is based on testimony from 48 women in Mallorca and one in Ibiza, who answered 15 questions based on hypotheses.

“The aim of the study is to raise awareness about the difficulties that women face, but men don't, when they're exercising outdoors” says Alemany.


Pep Alemany conducted his study between October 2020 and February 2021 and wants to share his findings with men.

I would like the male sector to see what’s happening to women when they’re exercising," he says.

Alemany’s study found that 82.7% of women choose to exercise where they feel safer; 80.7% only exercise on a lit route; 76.92% consider to their schedule and who uses the route and 69.23% of women exercise with another person for safety reasons.

46% of women who took part in the study said they were scared of stalkers, especially when they're older; the vast majority said education at home, rather than in schools or workplaces, is the best way to eradicate discrimination and 78.85% were confident that the problem of harassment will be resolved in the future.