Six lines at the Manacor Hippodrome. | J. Socies

The Mateu Cañellas sports centre in Inca and the Manacor Hippodrome will be used as mass vaccination sites from this coming Monday. The six vaccination lines at both sites were initially prepared at the end of February, and the health service forecasts being able to administer up to 1,500 doses per day at both of them. The two sites are due to be used for at least five months.

The mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno, visited the sports centre on Tuesday to check on arrangements. Access will be from Carrer Tomir, which is at the back of the sports centre (close to the ITV (MOT) centre). There is a parking area.

Posters and signage were being put up on Tuesday, while material for health personnel has already been placed in storage. There are several refrigerators for the vaccines.

At the Manacor Hippodrome, workers were finalising the assembly of six units that will be used for administering doses. Signs are in place indicating the way in to drivers. The vaccination area occupies the whole of the ground floor. There are two units for admissions plus the six for the vaccinating.

The health service will this week give more details about the vaccination in Inca and Manacor. The population covered by Inca Hospital is 125,000; by Manacor Hospital it is 147,000.