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The Spain by Night federation is calling for a Spanish government rescue plan worth 800 million euros, the sector having been the hardest hit by the pandemic and having suffered a drop in turnover estimated at 16,800 million euros.

A study indicates that 30% of some 16,500 nightlife venues across Spain have closed permanently since March last year. Accumulated losses for nightclubs average around 300,000 euros. For cocktail and music bars, these are put at an average of 150,000 euros. Sales have fallen by more than 80%.

The sector is warning that if establishments do not reopen before the summer or if direct aid is not pumped in, 70% of small to medium-sized businesses will disappear during the spring.

The Spanish government is due to approve a raft of aid measures on Friday, the nightlife sector having said it has felt "abandoned". New protests are planned to coincide with the first anniversary of the state of alarm. The slogan is 'One year closed, Rescue now!' Urgent financial aid is being demanded, Spain by Night noting that limited aid until now has not been more than 5,000 euros per company.

The federation has assessed the direct aid offered by regional governments, Catalonia having given nightlife the greatest protection. The Balearics is one of three regions (Castile and León and La Rioja are the other two) where governments have "marginalised" nightlife when it comes to providing aid.