Majórica, Mallorca. archive photo. | Ultima Hora

The winning bid for Majórica is MajolaPerla SLU, which is owned by Carrefour Director, French businessman Gregorie-Agustín Bontoux Halley.

Five offers were tabled, from MajolaPerla, Nova Mallorca, Perlas Orquídea Jofra Deca and Marcel Robbz, but Majórica Insolvency Administrator, Fernando Martínez Sanz decided that Majolaperla’s was the best.

They submitted an offer of 9.7 million euros, which comes with drastic job cuts in Mallorca and Barcelona, slashing the workforce from 275 to just 96, with 62 layoffs on the factory floor.

Insiders believe the company may relocate production to another country.