Iago Negueruela at the weekly press conference. | Jaume Morey

Balearic tourism minister and government spokesperson Iago Negueruela said on Monday that tourists will have to comply with the same Covid restrictions as residents but did not clarify how compliance will be ensured. The minister appealed to social responsibility in complying with the rules. "We are still in a pandemic and we must be especially responsible."

At Monday's post-cabinet meeting press conference, he was asked how it can be guaranteed that only people who live together arrive in the Balearics. He referred to foreign health controls at ports and airports, while for hotels he appealed to "responsibility". He didn't wish to answer if a hotel will have to prohibit the reservation of a room to non-cohabitants.

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Negueruela stressed that "the tourism sector is particularly concerned that there is a summer season, so together we will work to ensure compliance with the rules". Information channels will be used in order to explain the regulations which are in force in the Balearics. "The regulations are the same for everyone. There can be no discrimination, and we will carry out all the necessary information campaigns. A tough decision has been taken, one for a month of slow de-escalation that includes Easter. This will apply to everyone."

"Inform, collaborate and control" was his message, but pressed on whether hotels might be fined if they do not comply, he reiterated the need for responsibility before adding that if rules are not abided by, there will be sanctions. He added that after 5pm in the afternoon, people not staying in hotels are not allowed to enter them. This rule has been in effect during the months of restrictions.

The minister insisted that "Easter is not the most important thing", the government's principal interest being to ensure that there is a summer season. Regarding the arrival of tourists from foreign countries, Negueruela stressed that they have to come with a negative PCR test.