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The Council of Mallorca's tourism foundation is to bring forward promotion campaigns in the main European markets.

Andreu Serra, the tourism councillor, says that the campaign in Germany will start next month. It will reinforce the image of Mallorca, present the main tourist products and highlight how Mallorca compares with competitor destinations.

The German government's lifting of advice against travel to Mallorca led to a rethink of the promotion. Representatives from the tourism foundation and the island's tourism industry will be meeting counterparts from tour operators and the DRV travel association in Germany next month. Serra adds that "we are a safe destination, and it is this which we wish to promote in Germany and in the other markets". He points to the "low epidemiological levels" in Mallorca.

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A co-marketing campaign for the German market is to be put out to tender on March 27. This will have an initial budget of 450,000 euros. Serra stresses the need to give "positive messages" about Mallorca, especially with regard to the health situation and the success of last summer's tourist pilot plan.

The Council's promotion will also be aimed at the British, French, Italian, Russian and Scandinavian markets. The timing will depend on how the health situation evolves in these countries.

After Easter, Serra says, the foundation will present a preview of the feature film that is to be presented at the main film festivals worldwide. This film emphasises "the other Mallorca" and everything this means in terms of the diversity of tourist products and the quality and sustainability of the island.