Tourism woes.

Tourism woes.


The Balearic economy went into meltdown in 2020, according to official figures, contracting by 23 percent, double the national average.

The lack of a summer of season hit the economy hard, according to government figures. The Balearic economy had been growing steadily for the last seven years.

The latest economic figures will put the Balearic government under greater pressure to get the economy moving.


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Colin Allcars / Hace 10 months

Hospitality, tourism and leisure will be viewed as elitist pastimes by Spain’s communist rulers. The Covid-19 pandemic has provided ministers with the perfect environment to destroy the businesses and industries that sustain these activities.

Don’t expect any constructive assistance from the government.


Stephen / Hace 10 months

However much I like Majorca and the other islands, the cost of holidaying there in the last 10 years has escalated to the point of it not worth bothering about. We have since gone to Greece where if you avoid the party islands the cost of having a quality holiday is far better. Also got sick of the non-traditional food in tourist Spain, ie chips, pizza burgers etc while in Greece there are 1000's of tavernas still offering traditional food. ie not just an extension of English junk food.


Roger / Hace 10 months

Sadly this is not surprising when the Balearic government has, throughout the pandemic, chosen to stick its head in the sand and 'wait and hope' that tourism will resume as soon as possible. This sort of economic approach shows the fragility of the existing model - any business or economy that is so reliant on a very limited number of revenue sources will always suffer - many people (advisors and companies) have offered potential alternatives and suggestions on how to mitigate against this but what can you do when the political ideology is to want to maintain control over as much as possible can in spite of being inept in ideas or expertise.