Balearic health minister Patricia Gómez

Health minister Patricia Gómez.


Balearic health minister Patricia Gómez said on Wednesday that internal mobility within the Balearics is less safe than the arrival of tourists.

She explained that internal mobility by residents implies greater social interaction. "We move between municipalities. We go from one place to another and we organise family celebrations."

Observing that all mobility entails risk and that borders are the responsibility of state governments, Gómez added that "we are working on a broader and safer opening in May". "We are relaxing measures, which always involves risk of transmission. It would be best if measures didn't have to be applied and that everyone was responsible."


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johnj / Hace 10 months

I think that's a very fair point,but am I missing something? It occurs to me that as well as people here going to different municipals and mixing with family or friends, German tourists who are coming here,do that also. Are cases worse here or Germany? Obviously it's there,and cases are rising. We all have constrictions at the moment,and cases here are low. So bringing tourists here with higher cases seems not as safe to me.


Tom / Hace 10 months

Does the gov really think tourists wont mix , interact and socialise !? Just sit in their hotel rooms . A lot of wishful thinking here ! So people here after months of lock downs are more dangerous than hundreds of thousands of tourists coming from countries with much higher covid levels currently .