CAEB 'Tribute to the Balearic Entrepreneurship 2020' sculpture. | Teresa Ayuga

The Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearic Islands or CAEB, has unveiled the 'Tribute to the Balearic Entrepreneurship 2020' sculpture by Maria Genovard at the UIB exit from the Vía de Cintura in Palma.

“This sculpture is dedicated to the tenacity of entrepreneurs in the year of the pandemic," said CAEB President Carmen Planas. "What entrepreneur doesn’t deserve to receive this award in a year like 2020, the year of the pandemic.”

Planas described last year as "catastrophic" after coronavirus ravaged the Balearic Islands, closing down activity and destroyed 13% of the business fabric.

“The threat of coronavirus continues and Balearic society is hanging by a thread, and another year like 2020 cannot be allowed, we simply couldn’t stand it,” said Planas.

Planas said she was proud of the business owners for their struggle, urged them to "take the bull by the horns” and stressed that the key to helping companies cope with the crisis are: increased awareness, a faster vaccination process to show the world the Balearics are a safe tourist destination and direct aid.

"Let's keep fighting and overcome this difficult and bitter period together,” said Planas. "This sculpture symbolises the commitment and tenacity of all businessmen and women in the Balearic Islands in pushing society as a whole towards a better future. You are the real heroes."

CAEB President, Carmen Planas with 'Homage to the Balearic Entrepreneurship 2020' sculpture.