Tourists in Playa de Palma, Mallorca. archive photo. | J. Barcelo

Stricter limitations are being imposed Playa de Palma, including the so-called Calle del Jamón and La Cerveza, from April 1-September 30.

The Governing Board of Palma City Council has approved several Special Tourist Intervention Zones or ZEITs, with fines of up to 3,000 euros for non-compliance.

The ZEIT for Carrer del Pare del Bartolomé Salvá means bar and restaurant owners will have to stop customers drinking in the street, to avoid excess noise.

More ZEITs have been approved for the Paseo Marítimo, Central Palma, Avinguda de Joan Miró and Playa de Palma, banning alcohol consumption, the sale of alcohol to minors, adverts for alcohol and the sale alcohol for consumption in the street.

A ZEIT also bans advertising and brochures from Playa de Palma to stop dirt and paper gathering in the road.

A ZEIT for Carrer de Joaquim Verdaguer bans the sale of alcohol and fast food after nightlife establishments close, to keep noise levels down and stop crowds of people gathering in the street.

This year’s ZEIT declaration in Playa de Palma, affects Carrer del Pare Bartomeu Salvà and Carrer del Llaüt between Carrer d’Agustí Catany and Carrer de la Missió de Santa Bárbara.