Concern over yachts. | ARCHIVO

Following our article on new yachting regulations in the Balearics post Brexit, the Royal Yachting Association sent us the following statement:

"In Spain, the skipper of a vessel is required to have evidence of competence, and the Spanish Authorities may wish to inspect it.

"Since 1 January 2021, the UK is a third country and will be treated as such by EU Member States. As a result RYA certificates are no longer accepted for operating a Spanish flagged boat (including bareboat charter) on the basis of the UK being an EU / EEA Member State. In addition, RYA certificates are no longer listed in Annex IX of Spanish Royal Decree 875/2014, This lists foreign flag state certificates which Spain recognises for the operation of Spanish flagged vessels.

"However, RYA certificates should be accepted for a British Citizen operating a UK flagged vessel. Although Spain has not adopted UNECE Resolution 40 concerning recognition of the ICC, the ICC is recommended and valid for British Citizens operating UK flagged vessels."

The Bulletin has learnt that local nautical associations and companies are working with the Spanish authorities to get the ruling changed so that RYA qualifications are accepted.