Health controls tightened at Palma Airport. | CAIB

The prospect of being penalised if guests don’t behave themselves at Easter has prompted hotels to require all tourists to sign a statement when they check in confirming that they live together.

"With this measure we prevent the Government from imposing any type of sanction on us, because we will ensure that clients comply the terms agreed by the Executive, so there wil be no problems whatsoever,” they said. “We are not policemen and we are putting out trust in the responsible statement that they make."

The possibility of being fined if hotel guests mix with people they don’t live with when they’re on holiday in Mallorca was the main topic of conversation at the ‘El Turismos Que Viene’ book launch at the Palacio de Congresos in Palma on Thursday.

"Our one and only concern is that tourists arrive at their hotels with a negative PCR test,” said Association of Hotel Chains President, Gabriel Llobera.

Hotels that open their doors for Easter will have all the necessary health protocols in place and insist that there are no infections within their facilities.

There is deep concern in the Sector about the conditions Hotels will have to face in the coming months. The goal of the Balearic Tourism Industry is to make sure there is a summer season and the reopening of hotels is vital to meet the growing demand for Tourist Groups and Airlines.

Berlin’s decision to remove the Balearic Islands from its coronavirus risk list sparked a flurry of German tourist reservations for Easter and the numbers are exceeding all expectations.

The Randstad human resources company has published its recruitment forecasts for the upcoming Easter campaign.

Taking into account data from the Transport & Distribution, Hospitality and Entertainment Sectors, Randstad expects the Easter campaign to generate 3,950 contracts in the Balearic Islands, down 39 from 3,989 last year.

The Balearic Islands will generate 4.5% of all contracts signed for Easter in Spain.