Tourists from Germany arriving at Palma airport

Tourists from Germany arriving at Palma airport.

18-03-2021CATI CLADERA

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) of virology today appealed to Germans not to travel inside or outside the country at Easter in order not to further accelerate the third wave of the pandemic.

At a press conference to assess the epidemiological situation in the country, RKI Vice President Lars Schaade asked the population to spend the Easter holidays "in the smallest circle" possible and not to travel.

"Mobility and contacts are the drivers of the pandemic," he warned, and recalled that coronavirus mutations are even more contagious than the original virus.

He added that the meeting between people from different regions of the country "could further fuel the pandemic," something that must be avoided, he appealed.

The Government has already made several calls this week not to travel if it is not strictly necessary, especially after flights to the Balearic Islands soared as soon as it as announcd last Friday that the islands were no longer considered a risk area and the main tourist companies and airlines began to expand their offerings.

On Monday the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Adebahr, recalled that "the absence of a travel alert is not an invitation to travel," although she acknowledged that it is a "personal decision."


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Johnf / Hace 10 months

If the German's are coming than tell them to stay at home malllorca don't what more virus coming in


Zoe / Hace 10 months

Told but who listens?? The real losers are those who allow them in. 15 days of Freedom at Easter, another lockdown for months to come for the destination country. (Germany is already in a bad way, so no comments on that!)


James T / Hace 10 months

I was working in China last winter, when this all kicked-off. We weren't ADVISED to stop travelling: the airports and train stations were closed and there were roadblocks on the motorways. You weren't expected to follow quarantine procedures: you were unable to leave your apartment building or return to it unless your phone showed a green QR code. No code, no leaving your building. If you were able to sneak out... no code, no taxi: no code nobus: no code no shops,: no code no bar: no code no work. If you were caught breaking the law, quarantine in a 'govt. facility'. When I speak to my ex-colleagues I feel ashamed that weare so selfish and have so little respect for the weakest members of our own society...