Hotel in Playa de Palma, Mallorca

The situation with bookings remains volatile.

19-03-2021Pilar Pellicer

The Mallorca Hoteliers Federation says that eleven per cent of the island's hotels will be open at Easter.

There are currently 57 hotels open and a further 36 are scheduled to over the coming days. The 93 hotels are eleven per cent of hotels which are members of the federation; not all establishments are affiliated.

For Easter 2019, 722 hotels were open. Easter had become the starting-point of the tourism season, with far more hotels open than used to be the case. The season, the federation points out, was uninterrupted until the end of October. This year, reservations being made "do not extend much beyond the Easter period".

Bookings, the federation stresses, "are subject to many variables". There are "highly volatile scenarios". Making forecasts beyond two weeks is "not rigorous at the present time". Some reservations are being moved to late summer and there are also ones being moved to 2022.


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Tom / Hace 10 months

That’s 9 percent too many too soon. Their impatience will be punished by Germany’s impending decision to pull the handbrake and re implement tougher restrictions again . Did any of these hotel owners even think about what the tourists would do during Easter ? With all the restrictions in place here and 6 degrees weather . The answer is no . They only want the tourists money and don’t care about anything else ..