German tourists arriving.

German tourists arriving.


Excited German tourists in face masks spilled out of Palma airport this afternoon, among the first to arrive at the popular holiday destination after Germany last week lifted quarantine requirements for travellers returning from the Balearic Islands.

Tourists are still not allowed to stay in hotels or holiday lets in Germany, leaving foreign holidays one of the few options for those wanting to get away, although the German government still advises against non-essential travel.

"It is very, very, very exciting and it feels wonderful to be flying again, even if it is for only one week," said tourist Bettina, who works for a travel company, as a group of exuberant young holidaymakers danced outside the airport.

The new arrivals had flown in from various German cities including Berlin, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Hamburg. They all had to provide test results not more than 72 hours old at the airport showing they were COVID-free.

"It was an amazing opportunity to be able to come here despite the coronavirus,» said student Linda Tlucker, 23, who had travelled from Berlin for a two-week holiday.

But while German tourists can enjoy the Balearic resorts, Spaniards will be unable to do so because of a ban on travelling between regions over Easter, leaving many angry.

Asked about the restrictions facing Spaniards, Tlucker said: "It's probably not that fair. But if the region says it is OK (for us to come), there is not much citizens can do about it."

The return of German tourists provides a timely boost for one of Spain's hardest-hit industries. Foreign visitors to Spain fell 80% to 19 million in 2020, the lowest level since 1969, because of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

In 2020 the tourism industry accounted for between 4% and 5% of Spain's national output, according to estimates from the Funcas think-tank, down from 12% in 2019.

It was not all smiles at the airport, however, as the sun-seekers were met with drizzly weather conditions.

"The weather is quite bad and it feels like being in Germany," one said.


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Colin Allcars / Hace 10 months

@Hans - Das haben Kaiser und Hitler gedacht, Fritz. 🇬🇧

@Hans - That’s what Kaiser and Hitler thought, Fritz. 🇬🇧


Zoe / Hace 10 months

@@Andre, wrong! We cannot travel per se except in exceptional circumstances. When UK opens the borders you can be sure it has first allowed regions to mingle.


John / Hace 10 months

It’s utter madness allowing the Germans to come to Mallorca with the rapidly worsening situation in Germany. The German government is spineless, they should ban foreign travel (like the U.K.), not just recommend that their citizens don’t travel for non essential purposes which the Germans are obviously ignoring. It’s simply not true to state that a negative PCR test taken up to 72 hours before travel negates any risk, it simply proves that someone doesn’t have the virus at the moment the test was taken, it doesn’t stop them mixing with infected people between test and travel. Opening up to Germans for Easter with the risk of destroying the summer season is like celebrating finding a Euro in the likelihood that you’re going to lose 50 Euros. A classic example of short term gain for long term pain


John Parkinson / Hace 10 months

Well the comment sums it all up. ‘If the region says we can come,there’s not much the citizens can do about it’ So Mallorquinas ,know your place. You cannot travel to your family and friends on,say,the mainland for fear of spreading COVID but welcoming me those who have much worse infection figures


Stephen / Hace 10 months

Hola to Hans From us little Englanders a touch of shaudenfreude even though we will not be visiting Majorca this year either yoh!


Andreas / Hace 10 months

Per, I believe England is going to do the same. "Poor and backward" residents of the Isle of Man and Isle of Wight will not be allowed to travel to the UK mainland to visit family. But the rest of the world are more than welcome to spread the plague (as long as they have lots of cash to spend.)


Tom / Hace 10 months

I wonder where the hundreds of planned flights by TUI , Ryan air , all tours etc will want to fly too now for Easter that Germany is about to pull the handbrake ! . Suggest they all fly to,Sylt or the Isle of Man . No doubt these companies will be the first again to shout for gov support from their super Yachts moored off Mallorca currently .


Per / Hace 10 months

Much better to let in free spending Germans with negative PCR tests than poor mainlanders visiting family members for Easter and don't have two ha'pennys to rub together. Spain is poor and backward, it needs the hard working northern europeans to come here and spend money. End of.


Hans / Hace 10 months

Alle diese Engländer beschweren sich. Es ist unser Recht als überlegene Deutsche, nach Mallorca zu kommen und Bier zu trinken, Würstchen zu essen und das Virus zu verbreiten. Was ist los mit euch allen? Wir sind Deutsche und wir sind die Besten.


Dave / Hace 10 months

Having had 12 hours rain today and 6 degrees, I can only assume the sunseekers from Germany are a bit intellectually challenged 🤷‍♂️