A programme to increase the availability of properties to rent in Palma. | Archive

Palma's councillor for decent housing, Neus Truyol, has announced that there is to be a programme for "intermediation" for homes that are not currently for rent but which it is hoped will be offered for rent.

Truyol told the Friday council meeting that the specifications for this programme are being drafted. "When it is activated, work will be carried out to attract flats so that they can be offered under this programme."

There is to be a budget of some one million euros, a significant part of which will go towards the programme, with the remainder being for the temporary expropriation of properties. Truyol stated that "landlords and tenants will benefit" from the programme.

The Partido Popular opposition proposed a municipal rental plan for reactivating the rental market, with incentives for owners and aid for middle-class families who "are also suffering from the economic crisis". Vox supported this motion, Ciudadanos abstained, and the ruling parties - PSOE, Més and Podemos - voted against in defeating the motion.