Joan and Margalida Ramis, Pastisseria Ramis, Llucmajor. | A. Estabén

Easter is just around the corner and confectioners are slammed with orders for chocolate eggs and easter monkeys which are also known as monas.

“There’s a little light in sight this Easter, which is encouraging because at this time last year shops were closed," says confectioner Joan Ramis from Pastisseria Ramis in Llucmajor. “We have so many orders for Easter already, mostly gifts for youngest members of the family from godparents and grandparents, so we're working at a fast pace and the loyalty that our customers have shown is a good sign.”

Joan's shop is packed to the rafters with yummy chocolate eggs, Easter monkeys and other favourites.

"This year we're making Easter monkeys with the help of my sister Margalida as well as all the childrens' favourites, such as Pepa Pig, Frozen, Maginzer, Spiderman, Unicorn and Cinderella, which are made with 70% dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate," says Joan. "We’re also making classic Easter eggs in different sizes and this year, including a giant one."

Custom eggs

The Monas, or monkeys, are specially crafted,” explains Joan, who honed his confectionary skills in France. “People don’t usually make the monkeys at home, they prefer to buy them and they often ask us to personalise them.”

Neus Llull, el Forn Fondo pasteleria, Palma.

At the Forn Fondo pastry shop, Neus Llull is giving full reign to her artistic talents, using chocolate, almonds and hazelnuts.

"These eggs are 95% chocolate, painted in silver, gold and bronze and decorated with nuts and I think it’s been a very successful project that makes them original.”

She’s also made traditional monkeys in three chocolates as well as some firm favourites, including Unicorn, Frozen, Mic, Pajama Mask, Captain America, Spiderman and Micky Mouse.

Traditional Easter eggs range in price from 6-90 euros depending on size and decoration and the biggest, most expensive egg weighs a whopping five kilos.

"Our regular customers often come to buy chocolate eggs and monkeys and Easter-themed cookies,” says Neus who admits she's really looking forward to the Easter holidays this year.