AstraZeneca Vaccine. | EFE

It’s been confirmed that the general public and essential workers under the age of 65 in the Balearics are to be given the AstraZeneca vaccine when immunisation resumes on Wednesday, according to Health Minister, Patricia Gómez.

The first groups to be vaccinated will be 3B, 3C and 6.

Group 3B consists of public health service staff who were not vaccinated in group 2; health and social sanitary personnel from Health Inspection services; forensics staff; private medical consultants; home help service workers; juvenile centre staff; days centre workers or equivalent; socio-sanitary students who perform clinical procedures; physiotherapists; occupational therapists; pharmacy staff; dental prosthetists; speech therapists; clinical psychology staff and prison workers.

Group 3C consists of unvaccinated medical and socio-sanitary personnel.

Group 6 consists of the Guardia Civil; National, Autonomous and Local Police Officers; Firefighters; Security Forces and Corps Technicians; Civil Protection professionals; Emergency Services Personnel; Armed Forces; Teachers, Nursery Teachers, Special Education Teachers and other Professionals who serve students; Primary and Secondary School Teachers and other professionals who serve students.

The Public Health Commission has approved the AstraZeneca vaccine for these groups, extending the age limit by ten years.

According to a Phase III trial conducted by AstraZeneca in the US, the Covid-19 vaccine is 80% effective in people under 65, has a statistically significant 79% efficacy in the prevention of symptomatic Covid-19 and a 100% efficacy in the prevention of serious illness and hospitalisation.

Health Minister, Carolina Darias, has stressed several times that the Ministry of Health was waiting for the results of the AstraZeneca trials before deciding where to vaccinate those under 65.

However when asked whether the entire population should be injected with AstraZeneca, Minister Gómez said caution must be exercised until the report's conclusions are reached.

She also confirmed that 128,648 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been administered in the Balearic Islands and 37,251 people have had both doses. 30,152 have been vaccinated in Mallorca, 3,186 in Minorca, 3,718 in Ibiza and 195 in Formentera.