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Easter is almost here and bakers all over Mallorca are doing double duty to make sure there’s plenty of traditional cakes, pastries and empanadas to go round.

The coronavirus restrictions imposed on Mallorca means people will have to eat at home in much smaller family groups than usual again this year.

Assorted fillings

Jaume Barceló at Forn Can Bet, Campos, Mallorca.

At Forn Can Bet in Campos, Pastry Chef, Jaume Barceló makes pies all year round and his specialties are chicken, pea and sobrasada breads, and meat with peas, chives and artichokes.

Meat with peas is the most popular pie and on Good Friday a lot of people also opt for tuna or cuttlefish.

"During Easter week the ‘panadas de possession’ are double the size with lamb filling,” explains Jaume.

Margalida Serra at Reina María Cristina Bakery, Palma.

The Reina María Cristina Bakery in Palma has a reputation for making a rich variety of pies, stuffed with exquisite fillings.

“Business is better this year than last year, we have lots of orders for Easter and we’ve got something for everyone, including smooth lamb breads, pork, chicken and fish with peas, but our sweets are only made to order," says owner, Margalida Serra.

Silvia Rodríguez at Forn de Ca na Teresa, Palma.

Forn Ca na Teresa's traditional empanadas are sold throughout the year at stores in Palma and Marratxí.

"Most in demand for Easter are the typical smooth and sweet Mallorcan Easter empanadas stuffed with lamb breads, pork with peas, chicken with onion, cuttlefish, chicken or bacon and cheese, which cost €2.60-€3.20 each,” says Manager, Silvia Rodríguez in Mercat de l'Olivar.


“The Mallorcan empanada comes from an ancient Hebrew dish described in the Talmud as ‘paitxida’ which was Christianised by adding sobrasada and lard to the original Jewish recipe, according to philologist and writer Antoni Janer Torrens.