Fly-tipping in Puig de Son Seguí, Mallorca. archive photo. | P.L.

A man is facing a 300,000 euro fine for alleged fly-tipping on protected property in Puig de Son Seguí.

Santa Maria City Council has opened a case against the man who allegedly dumped paint cans and other hazardous materials in a Natural Area of Special Interest.

Santa Maria Local Police were able to identify the man because he apparently left an invoice amongst the waste.

Very serious offence

Fly-tipping is classified as a very serious offence and usually results in fines of 1,500-40,000 euros, but penalties of up to 300,000 can be imposed for dumping hazardous waste.

The waste was left on protected rustic land, which increases the gravity of the alleged crime.

"Our wish is that this case ends with an exemplary sanction,” said Santa Maria Mayor, Nicolau Canyelles, “so that those who come to this Municipality to dispose of their rubbish know that their actions have consequences.”

The amount of the fine will be decided within the next 15 days.