Tourists can hit the beach.

Tourists visit the beach.


You can travel earlier to Mallorca than you initially thought now that Spain has lifted the ban on British tourists. One of the exemptions in the British Covid restrictions allows travel to visit properties, estate agents, sales offices or show homes overseas if a person is seeking to buy or sell a foreign home, according to press reports this morning.

The Guardian said: The legislation also gives an exemption for “preparing a residential property to move in” or “to visit a residential property to undertake any activities required for the rental or sale of that property”.

It has been dubbed the "Stanley Johnson clause" after Boris Johnson´s father visited Greece last summer to see a property.

The loop-hole comes into affect on March 29.


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tom / Hace 7 months

Does the press really think the UK gov is that stupid, and wont question planes loads and car loads of Brits travelling to Spain suddenly all claiming to be buying properties over a typical 1 to 3 weeks time period over the Spring summer.... doubt it and don't count on it. All property agents beware of a lot of time wasters coming to Spain....simply looking for a holiday excuse.


Lisa / Hace 7 months

This story indicates a far greater issue - the expats who have been totally forgotten since Brexit.

So Stanley has had a word in Boris’s shell-like and him and his chums can pop over to Europe to sort their second homes.

But, expats with family in the UK - parents and children are still prevented from visits.

What are the Governments priorities? Obviously not family .... unless you happen to be a Johnson family that is ....


Lynn / Hace 7 months

So, it’s possible to leave the Uk to visit and check on a property, but my daughters can’t come and visit and ‘check’ on their father who has been seriously ill with treatment for his cancer. Although still poorly he is currently not in a life threatening situation so the list of reasons excuses to leave are now not applicable. Properties are now more important than people thanks to the PM’s father.