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The Easter restrictions have changed time and again over the last couple of weeks, causing widespread confusion about what you can and cannot do in Mallorca during the Easter holidays from March 26-April 11. So here’s an update:

Social gatherings:
All social gatherings are limited to one household. Exceptions are: Minors can meet parents if they live at different addresses, as can couples if they don’t live together and anyone who has to go to a different address to care for others.

The 22:00-06:00 curfew is still mandatory.

Bar and restaurant terraces can open until 17:00 with capacity limited to 30% with a maximum of 4 people per table. Interiors are closed.

Large stores and shopping centres are open at 50% but closed on public holidays, except for essential products, but they can open on Saturdays with a maximum capacity of 30%, the same as for small shops.

Cultural Events & Conferences:
Capacity at all cultural events and conferences is limited to 50% and all processions are cancelled.

Regional competitions for teams in federations are allowed, and members of the public can attend, but capacity will be limited.

Care Homes:
There is to be more flexibility for people leaving homes for the elderly and the disabled. Once vaccination is completed, residents can go out, but if they're away for more than 72 hours, they'll be given a PCR test on return. One person per day is allowed to visit.

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Access to beaches is permitted during the day, but all beaches will be closed at night and Town Councils will regulate the closing hours. Groups are restricted to 6 people, from no more than 2 homes and face masks are mandatory at all social gatherings on the beach.

Contactless Outdoor Physical Activities & Excursions:
Unless otherwise stated, groups of up to 10 people can take part in outdoor physical activity and excursions.

Parks & Outdoor Recreation Areas:
All parks and outdoor recreation areas are closed at night and face masks are mandatory, except when drinking or eating food.

A maximum of 3 weekly team sports and contact training sessions are permitted, with the possibility of physical contact with federated athletes from the age of 6. Team and contact sports competitions are allowed exclusively for federated athletes from the age of 12, but only on the island.

Places of Worship:
Capacity in places of worship is limited to 50%.

Socio-Health Centres:
Visits are no longer limited to one person per resident for one hour per day and residents are allowed to leave.

Recreation Centres For The Elderly:
Group activities are limited to 6 people and capacity has been increased to 50%, but bar service and consuming food is still banned.

Wedding, Baptisms, Funerals & Burials:
It’s recommended that weddings, civil ceremonies, religious celebrations, first communions and baptisms be postponed. If they do go ahead, they are restricted to 6 people indoors with a maximum capacity of 30% and 10 people outdoors.