Negotiations will be needed regarding the pay increase. | Maria Nadal

The leaders of the CCOO and UGT unions have defended the 3.5% pay rise for the hospitality sector in the Balearics that is due to take effect next month.

Speaking on Wednesday, José Luis García of the CCOO and Lorenzo Navarro of the UGT insisted that agreements have to be fulfilled. Navarro explained that the 3.5% annual increase was postponed last year because of the coronavirus crisis. In his view, the increase must now be applied. There will be negotiations, he noted, regretting that there haven't as yet been any proposals from the employers.

García believed that it would be "difficult" to agree to there not being pay increases in the hospitality and retail sectors. Discussions for the latter sector have started; the increase would be lower as it is covered by the collective bargaining agreement that is specific to retail. The postponement in 2020 was the result of a tripartite agreement between unions, employers and government.

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