Health controls at Palma Airport.

Health controls at Palma Airport.

27-03-2021Guillermo Esteban

There were long queues at Palma Airport on Saturday morning because thousands of visitors, residents and students returning to Mallorca had to submit negative PCR tests to enter the Balearic Islands.

Residents who arrive without a test must take an antigen test to prove they’re not sick and those who’ve had their test still have to show a QR code and documentation, but Aena said the queues moved fast and passengers only had to wait 10-15 minutes.

There were also delays at the exits to Son Sant Joan Airport whle passenger documentation was verified.

The Easter holidays are officially underway and hundreds of residents and students returning to the Islands had the option of presenting a negative PCR test, or taking an antigen test when they got off the plane.

Many residents chose the latter and others had appointments for tests at the former Son Dureta Hospital in Palma.

The Balearic Islands are closed from Friday and residents can only travel if they have just cause.

Anyone who arrives without a negative PCR Test must pay for an antigen test. If it's positive a PCR will be performed free of charge and if that test is also positive they'll be isolated and face a fine of 3,000 euros.

International flights

532 flights to and from Germany are scheduled at Palma Airport between March 26 and April 5, bringing thousands of German tourists to the Island, who will face tougher health checks on arrival.

Between Monday and Thursday last week, 8,047 passengers passed through health controls at the airport and 145 of them were screened and tested for Covid-19.


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Lisa / Hace 10 months

There has been a massive influx into Mallorca. Spanish families, students coming home, German tourists.

All at a time when the third wave of Covid is hitting Europe - big style. Oh, and tiny numbers of vaccinations in Europe and Mallorca. Italy, friends report ambulances queuing around the block. In France massive lockdown. In German - they are terrified.

But in Mallorca, the island has opened the airport and ports. They are ‘head in the sand’ ignoring the virus, ignoring medical advice. All the while little over 3 per cent of the population has been vaccinated.

No one, absolutely no other country in Europe is acting this recklessly.

This is too dangerous and stupid to believe.

RIP Mallorca.