One of the containers that was set on fire. | Policia Nacional

The National Police in Palma have arrested two fifteen-year-old boys who are accused of deliberately setting fire to rubbish containers.

On March 12, around 10pm, there was a fire in Es Rafal Nou. A resident observed two boys setting fire to containers before running away from the scene. The National Police gathered witness statements and conducted a search of the local area. They didn't find the perpetrators but established that there had been a total of eight fires within a short space of time and in a radius of some 400 metres. The fires were in containers, except one that was on open ground. Four vehicles were affected by one of the fires.

The first arrest was made on March 19 and the second a few days later. The matter is being dealt with by the prosecutor's office for minors. Neither of the boys has a previous police record.