British tourists could be missing from the Balearics.

British tourists could be missing.


It would be a major blow for Mallorca but most Britons have thrown in the towel over summer holidays, according to research over the weekend.

More than two-thirds of people – 68% – have not booked any summer holiday this year, and most of those who have fear they may have to cancel or rearrange, according to the latest Opinium poll for the Observer.

According to a report in The Guardian over recent days, government ministers have gone out of their way to dampen down public expectations about foreign breaks, saying they believe it is “extremely unlikely” that overseas holidays will be permitted in the near future because of the dangers of people returning with coronavirus variants to the UK.

The Balearic government desperately wants to welcome British tourists this summer.


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Johnf / Hace 10 months

Stay at home that's what the people in UK are doing virus to high and not got vacancies in arm's its not good enough so they w Stay away to you get right 2022 mey be a bit better


Dean / Hace 10 months

I agree with Johno. For those expats who live here, there has been obvious favouritism towards Germans for a few years now, enhanced by Brexit and Covid. More restaurants with menus in Spanish and German only and just a general anti British feeling. It is not just me who feels this, many ex-pat friends do too. Things like the 90 day rule and yachting licences could be changed tomorrow by the Spanish but they don't care to. If I was living in the UK and going on holiday, I would choose Greece or Turkey as they are far more welcoming.


B.Rowe / Hace 10 months

I can only agree with the comments made about allowing unvaccinated tourists come to Majorca irrespective of nationality. Whilst the British contemplate if a Covid passport is required to enter a local pub a test 72 hours before you travel is all that is required, taking into account France and German Covid cases are on the increase and only 8% of Germans have had a vaccine.

Light the blue touch paper and stand well back springs to mind and we wait to see if the infected numbers increase.

I am not surprised that the British have not booked the cause of action brings uncertainties to any future summer holidays, efforts should be made to get the vaccines to the local population and then consider opening up.


Robert / Hace 10 months

OMG, Just keep a distance from one another, wear a mask when moving in crowded areas and eat outside. Simples!!


Stephen / Hace 10 months

We are one of the many who unfortunately will not be visiting Majorca this year even though we have a property there. Until Majorca and the EU has caught up to the UK vaccination levels we would not dream of visiting and bringing the Covid virus back to the UK. Majorca has been badly let down by the EU and unfortunately it will be local people who suffer. Thank goodness the UK escaped the corrupt and bankrupt EU. And now to make matters worse Majorca is letting in unvaccinated Germans so it’s goodbye to this year’s tourist season as well.


johnj / Hace 10 months

I think everyone knew this was going to happen. It's difficult for Mallorca as they could have received mostly vaccinated tourists from the U.K as apposed to other European countries. But I can understand that the U.K didn't want to go through the whole lockdown process again. Wise but unfortunate.


jen / Hace 10 months

So sorry for the Balearics. The Spanish government have effectively killed their tourism by letting Germans arrive too soon.


Leo / Hace 10 months

It would appear the government is under so much pressure from the tourist industry they allowed the premature occupation for Easter. It is to be hoped it does not come back and bite us all.


Johno / Hace 10 months

At least the Germans won't have to get up early this year to put their towels on the sun loungers. Many Mojorcans are pleased as well as a certain section didn't want the Brits in their country.