Dorita. | Palma Aquarium Foundation

A sea turtle has been rescued from the Balearic Sea and is being treated for its injuries at the Palma Aquarium Foundation.

The turtle has been christened Dorita, although biologists believe the turtle is probably male.

Palma Aquarium Foundation has uploaded photographs of the turtle, which was found floating in the waters of Cap de Formentor in very poor condition, so the emergency services were called to rescue her.

The Foundation says the turtle was given a thorough check-up at the Aragó Veterinary Clinic and "in principle doesn’t seem to have suffered anything too serious.”

Dorita is being given all the necessary medication and care at the Palma Aquarium Foundation and will be returned to the sea when she's fully recovered.

The Marine Aquaculture Recovery Centre at Palma Aquàrium is managed by the Wildlife Recovery Center, or COFIB and is part of the Ministry of the Environment.

The Centre rescues, rehabilitates and releases dozens of turtles every year and has warned that plastic and debris is causing serious problems for marine wildlife.

In 2020, 84 adult sea turtles became stranded and in at least 31 cases they were entangled in plastic, nets and garbage.