Kick start the tourist industry.

Kick start the tourist industry.


Spain expects digital vaccine certificates that would ease travels within the European Union would be ready in June at the latest, foreign minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya said this morning in a radio interview. It is hoped that other countries, which are non-European Union members such as Britain will also be included in the holiday scheme sooner rather than later.

Faced with a pandemic that has killed more than 900,000 people in Europe and thrust the continent into its deepest recession, EU leaders agreed last month to work on vaccine certificates to kick-start the tourism industry, which has been severely hurt by the pandemic.


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John Parkinson / Hace 10 months

Happy for us non EU people in Britain to have to wait.Latest figures show 5% of residents have been vaccinated.Long way to go ,plus seems confusion how many had/refused to be vaccinated in EU countries


Rich / Hace 10 months

Probably cost us 200€ each. If the spanish authorities know you really want something they will always put a big price tag on it, it's called greed.


Majorca fan / Hace 10 months

Vaccine passport developed by European Union in June I won’t hold my breath for that. News today of 40 Brits being deported on arrival at Alicante after being requested to travel to Spain to collect their residency cards despite they had Spanish government letters asking them to collect the documents in person. Who would travel to Spain with this attitude to Brits by some officials certainly not I. Portugal Greece and Malta are welcoming Brits tourists from May with only prof of vaccine from U.K. source. I think Mallorca 2021 season is now finished from U.K. it will be 2023 before Brits return to Spain and only after some calm heads and political changes occur in Europe


James T / Hace 10 months

What about travel within Spain for residents without vaccination certs? As Steve suggests, many/most will not have received a vaccination.


Robert / Hace 10 months

Why don't they concentrate on vaccinating the whole population, then worry about vaccine certificates!


Kenny Wilson / Hace 10 months

What about families with older teenagers 16-19 who won't be able to travel as it's unlikely those in that age group will have been vaccinated on time. This year could be another disaster for tourists and those on the island who's livelihood depends on them.


Lisa / Hace 10 months

But, the islanders in the Balearics remain for the most part unvaccinated (just 4 per cent have received the vaccine so far), tourists have been told they’ll have to wear face masks on the beach and the German and UK media are reporting all the negative stories from Mallorca - ‘desolate place’ springs to mind.

It’s a triple whammy.

Who in their right mind would book a holiday here???


Lize / Hace 10 months

Summer 2021 is another “No Go!” Covid is still problematic on the island and in the EU. The U.K. vaccination programme is steaming ahead and hopefully the EU vaccination programme will enable safe travel to Mallorca.


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 10 months

Before you can get a certificate you have to have been vaccinated, so where does this leave us ?