19th century house, El Terreno, Palma. | Pilar Pellicer

Palma City Council has been blasted for granting a demolition licence for a 19th century house in the historic El Terreno neighbourhood of the city, which is in the Poniente district of the city between the sea and Bellver Forest.

It was originally built as a summer resort for the bourgeoisie of Palma in the 19th century and became party central in the 60s, 70s and 80s as national and international celebrities flocked to nightclubs like Tito's, Barbarela and Zhivago and restaurants and trendy bars such as El Patio, Monaco Oasis and Joe’s popped up in the neighbourhood.

El Terreno slopes towards the coast and back in the day most houses had sea views, but because of lack of building controls during the Franco era, many of the original houses were destroyed and replaced with apartment blocks.

The Association for the Revitalisation of Old Centres or ARCA has denounced the decision to pull down the house at 22 Carrer del Polvorí and criticised Palma City Council’s lack of protection for heritage buildings.

“It's one of the houses in a unique street that leads up to one of the gates to Bellver Castle," said ARCA in a letter to the Council. "These small buildings are characteristic of this area and there are very few examples left. We are concerned about the de-personalisation of the entire neighbourhood of El Terreno and the loss of its unique architecture. These houses deserve environmental protection that allows for substantial improvements to their habitability, but ensures the preservation of the urban landscape.

The house dates back to the 19th century around the same time as the cobbled streets were laid for the old carriageway route.

ARCA Vice-President, Àngels Fermoselle says it’s still not known what will be built on the site, but that the buildability allows for a ground and first floor property.