Talaia d'Albercutx, Mallorca. | Xesca Serra

The weather forecast for Easter in Mallorca is a bit changeable, according to the State Meteorological Agency’s María José Guerrero.

Expect highs of 18º-24º and lows of 8º-12º with cooler temperatures in the east of the island, which is slightly higher than usual.

“The mass of warm air from Africa on Thursday will bring medium and high clouds to the Balearic Islands,” says Guerrero, who’s also forecasting morning mist and dust, a high of 26º, a low of 8º and easterly winds.

Good Friday will be overcast with a high of 20º-25º, winds blowing from all directions, showers in some places and an overnight temperature of 10º-12º.

Saturday will be 20º-22º and mostly cloudy with northerly winds, scattered showers and storms likely in the north of the island. Nighttime temperatures will hover around 10º-12º.

Easter Sunday will be dull and windy with scattered showers and storms in some places, a high of 22º.

Grey skies, scattered showers and storms are forecast for Easter Monday and Tuesday will be much cooler with strong winds.

Guerrero says the average temperature in March was around 12º with a total of 52 litres per metre of rainfall, which was much higher than the normal 38 litres per metre.