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Mallorcan Easter sweets, such as robiols and crespells are in high demand at bakeries and pastry shops at Easter and a lot of people will also make their own at home, according to Pep Magraner, Manager of the Association of Bakers and Pastissers in the Balearics.

"The forecasts are better for our members than last year, although quite a few will be affected by the coronavirus restrictions. Artisans say demand is high for bread, but lower than usual for sweets because the celebrations are more subdued due to the pandemic. Overall we’re expecting sales to be down around 40%,” says Magraner.

According to the writer, Miquel Ferrà i Martorell “the recipes for Sephardic cuisine are similar to these cakes, which are called crescents or robiols and sweet unleavened bread, or crespells, which are very symbolic and come in three shapes, the Star of David with 6 points;a rose or a heart.

The crespells reportedly represent the stones that Jews were forced to use to build the pyramids when they were slaves to Egypt.

Ángel Cortés, Pastelería Angel, Palma.

Ángel Cortés:

At the Ángel pastry shop, delicious robiols filled with cream, angel hair, apricot, cottage cheese or chocolate are on offer.

"This year there's been an increase in demand at Easter, because the restrictions don’t allow people to gather at home if they’re not living together, so we've had a lot of orders for Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday." says Ángel.

Robiols & Crespells at Reina María Cristina Bakery, Palma.

Reina María Cristina Bakery:

At the Reina María Cristina bakery they’re making their famous family recipe robiols with cottage cheese cream, angel hair or apricot jam.

Antoni Bisanyes, Pastelería Bisanyes, Puerto Pollensa.

Bisanyes Pastry Shop:

Cheese is an Easter sweet that’s exclusive to the Mallorcan town of Pollensa and renowned master pastry artisan Antoni Bisanyes, who owns Bisanyes pastry shop in Puerto Pollensa says business is looking up.

"I make these pieces all year round, but this Easter sales have increased a lot compared to last year, because people are a little more excited,” says Antoni. “The cheeses are formed with two 10-pointed round circles, which are filled with cream, cottage cheese, angel hair or apricot jam. I keep these four fillings because they are the most classic and the ones I like the most and for the dough, I use flour, egg yolks, butter, and a little sugar because the filling is what sweetens the pastry.”

This crespells recipe is by the writer Caty Juan de Corral:

For the dough you need: 200g of sugar, 20g of lard, half a cup of orange juice, half a cup of olive oil, half a cup of water, two egg yolks and flour.