Inspections will continue over the Easter period. | Pilar Pellicer

The Balearic ministry of the presidency and public function said on Friday that there has been a high degree of compliance with measures as they apply to hotels, bars and restaurants.

A ministry statement referred to the joint operation involving government inspectors and police that started on Wednesday and will be continuing over the rest of the Easter period. By the time of its Friday statement, 270 reports had been made for breaches of regulations.

The majority of these were for customers not observing the rule regarding no more than two households at a table. Not wearing masks, over-capacity on terraces and not having CO2 meters have been among other reasons for issuing fines. Where hotels have been concerned, although some breaches of regulations have been found, inspectors say that these have been because of confusion as to, for example, the interpretation of distances. Regulations have been observed but not to the letter because of this confusion. Fines haven't been issued, as corrections have been made.

In Palma, a bar has been closed for repeated breaches of regulations. After it was found to still be open at 9pm with a dozen people inside, the premises were sealed off.

Around half of the 270 reports apply to Palma and the metropolitan area.