Vaccination in Mallorca

Some 17,000 doses will be administered over the Easter holidays.

02-04-2021Teresa Ayuga

According to figures from the national ministry of health, 25% of people over the age of 80 in the Balearics had received two doses of vaccine by April 1. This is the second lowest percentage in the country after the Basque Country (24%).

A total of 49,542 people aged 80 or over are due to be vaccinated. Of these, 33,141 have received one dose, while 12,403 have received two doses. IB-Salut in the Balearics says that vaccination (first dose at least) will be completed after Easter.

This age group is being given the Pfizer vaccine, and it has been necessary to wait for doses to be available; 23,400 Pfizer doses will be delivered next week. The immunisation of care home residents has, meanwhile, been a priority. Apart from the north African city of Ceuta, where 60% of the over-80 population has been immunised (received two doses), Andalusia has the highest percentage among the regions (59.5%).

As for the total population of the Balearics, 4.6% have been immunised. This is also the second lowest percentage - after the other north African city of Melilla (3.7%). Asturias and Castile and León, both with 9.9%, have the highest immunisation percentages.

In terms of one dose of vaccine having been administered, the percentage in the Balearics is 11.7%. Only Ceuta (11.5%) and the Canaries (11%) are lower.

When it comes to the use of vaccines, the situation in the Balearics is very much better. Of doses received, 87.7% have been given. Only Andalusia (90%), Valencia (90.2%) and La Rioja (90.8%) have higher rates.


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Rick Daher / Hace 10 months

Pretty shocking statistics really. And one I hear the Balearics government very little about. Focus is on doing whatever the powerful hotel lobby dictates: tourism at all cost. Very naive. I have zero confidence in vaccination having a real impact until after the summer - and another season will be all but lost. Bravo!


jen / Hace 10 months

I am beginning to wonder what the Spanish government are planning with regard to the Balearics. Tourism doesn't seem to be high on their list.