Presentation of the project for redevelopment. | Assumpta Bassa

Redevelopment work at the port in Cala Ratjada is getting nearer. After years of processing the project, which will cost 5.5 million euros, tender bids are now being invited: the period ends on April 20.

The inadequacies of the dock are particularly evident in summer. Fishermen, small cruise ships, recreational boats in transit all vie for space. There are consequent problems for operations, such as the taking-on of fuel. Part of the solution will involve relocating the fishing fleet and boats for hire. Fishermen's stores and the ticket offices will also be moved. The esplanade is to be remodelled by demolishing the existing building and expanding the area for trucks and cars to manoeuvre.

The regional government's Ports de les Illes Balears says that the contract for the work is expected to be awarded at the end of June. Work will probably not start until after the tourism season. Twelve months of work will be needed, and this is likely to be in two phases. Because a pause will probably be required for operational reasons, eighteen months from start to finish are being contemplated.

There is to be complementary work to stabilise rocks over which there will be a stretch of the paseo marítimo promenade. This entails an additional cost of 580,000 euros; work will commence at the end of this month.

As well as creating additional space, a principal objective with the work is to reinforce the dock. Greater protection against the force of waves will be created. In addition to demolishing and reconstructing the breakwater, the foundations of the dock will be strengthened.