Vaccination at Son Dureta. | Teresa Ayuga

Between Wednesday and Friday, 12,441 doses of vaccine were administered in the Balearics. At an average of 4,147 doses per day, this is the highest so far, although the actual high was on Thursday (6,500). The health service says that there will be further acceleration next week because more doses will be delivered. More or less all doses arriving in the Balearics are being used immediately.

The total number of vaccines administered in the Balearics (up to Friday) is 173,594; 49,413 people have received two doses.

In Mallorca, 137,937 doses have been administered; 40,082 people have received two doses. The figures for the other islands are: Minorca 16,052 and 4,656; Ibiza 18,117 and 4,471; Formentera 1,488 and 204.

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The national ministry of health states that 5% of the population of the Balearics has now been immunised with two doses.