Incidents with the police have continued. | MDB


On Good Friday, two police officers with the local Capdepera force were attacked by members of what has been described as a gypsy clan known for being "trouble".

A hotel on the Calle Isaac Peral in Cala Ratjada contacted the police to say that a large party was going on. There was a lot of noise and hotel guests and residents were being disturbed. When officers arrived, one of the clan - well-known to the police - remonstrated with them, started to bang on the windows of the hotel reception and threatened to kill members of staff.

The officers asked him to put on his mask and calm down. He then insulted the police and threatened to kill them. It was at this point that the officers were surrounded by several others and attacked.

The police say that there is one family in particular which is a problem. They add that there is drug dealing in the neighbourhood and have been warning of the situation. The police union argues that town hall policies have led to a reduction in police force numbers - 22 officers for the whole municipality.

The local force wants greater involvement by the Guardia Civil in controlling the drug dealing, and there is anger at the fact that the Guardia Civil have not detained the attackers. "They (the Guardia Civil) have identified them and want to summon them to make statements at the Arta station. Why don't they detain them?"

Meanwhile, members of the clan are said to have been taunting residents and police, shouting from balconies that they are "confidants" of the state security forces and therefore "untouchable".

The local police and the Guardia Civil have a further disagreement over the presence of Guardia officers. The Guardia Civil said on Sunday that members of the riot squad had been withdrawn but that there will still some patrols. Municipal sources refute this, saying that the only patrol that Capdepera police had on Sunday was dedicated to staying in the area where the Friday incident had occurred. The patrol was there to ensure that threats made against hotel employees were not carried out.

The mayor of Capdepera, Rafel Fernández, said on Sunday that the clan "had crossed a line". There will be "zero tolerance" of attacks on police officers. He explained that the town hall will be requesting greater Guardia Civil involvement. "We have a serious drugs problem in some parts of Cala Ratjada, and the investigation and arrest of drug dealers is the responsibility of the Guardia Civil. People cannot live in fear. There has to be order. The aggressors must be detained and brought to justice."

On Sunday, Fernández discussed the situation by phone with the national government delegation. On Tuesday, a press conference is due to be held. In the meantime, a town hall source has commented on the trouble caused by drug dealing: "If the Guardia Civil don't act, then we will."