Mayor Fernández led Tuesday's press conference.

The mayor of Capdepera, Rafel Fernández, told a Tuesday press conference that "from this moment on, we are breaking all agreements with the Guardia Civil until a local security board is convened and the national government delegate can explain the Guardia Civil's 'strange' way of acting".

Fernández was commenting on incidents over the weekend in Cala Ratjada that started on Friday with an assault on two local police officers by members of a gypsy clan. The local police force had questioned why the Guardia Civil hadn't detained anyone. The mayor stated that "it is not normal to beat up two local Capdepera police officers and for the Guardia Civil to order that proceedings are handed over to them so that they can negotiate with the gypsy clan as to how and when they have to surrender". Two of the attackers went to the Guardia's Arta station on Monday.

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The mayor, who was accompanied by the chief of the local police force, members of the force and the councillor with responsibilities for the police, explained that he will limit himself to meeting the "minimum collaboration with the Guardia Civil required in law". The councillor, Carmen Corraliza, said that she had been "angry and disappointed" when the lieutenant in Arta told her that he would not be providing her with any information about actions to be carried out in relation to a serious altercation.

Fernández added that the town hall will be taking operational and tactical measures to ensure security in the municipality and will be monitoring the clan and "the illegal activities they carry out". "We will treat everyone the same. We want the Guardia Civil to treat everyone equally, which we doubt that they have done. There are many rumours that the gypsy clan are confidants. I do not want to make any judgement, but the way that the Guardia Civil have been proceeding does not reflect well on them."

The town hall has made clear that it will not resume negotiations or the relationship with the government delegation or the Guardia Civil until the delegate, Aina Calvo, issues a statement and explains the way in which this case has been handled.