German journalist Sascha Winkel on ‘Menschen, Momente, Geschichten’ in Germany. | RTL

El Col·legi de Metges, or College of Physicians in Palma is closely following the case of a German doctor who allegedly issued negative PCR certificates to German tourists in Mallorca without performing a diagnostic test.

The College of Physicians Vice President, Dr Carles Recasens has described the alleged actions of the unnamed doctor as "reprehensible" and wants the doctor struck off, on the basis of the police investigation.

“If the facts are confirmed and if the doctor, whose identity we don’t know, is registered, an information file will be opened to disqualify him," said Dr Recasens.

The National Police Force and Guardia Civil have been in contact with their German counterparts to gather as much information as possible about the report on the TV programme, ‘Menschen, Momente, Geschichten’ on the RTL Life Channel.

The first step will be to assess the situation to determine how many alleged illegal tests were performed and identify those who were allegedly given certificates by the doctor under suspicion.


Officers have not yet identified the German doctor, but say they have strong leads as to who he is and where he worked.

German police are expected to take statements from the RTL staff involved in the program, including the Editor, who reportedly used a hidden camera to capture the footage of the Doctor allegedly handing over certificates with performing a PCR test.

RTL will also be asked to identify the doctor and give all audiovisual material relating to the case to the Police.

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According to the RTL programme, ‘Menschen, Momente, Geschichten’ German tourists who were on holiday in Mallorca went to the German doctor to obtain a certificate without having a PCR test.