Mask up for the beach!

Mask up for the beach!

30-03-2021JOAN LLADO

The Spanish Ministry for Health ares still pushing for sunworshipers to mask-up on the beach. New laws, which are being presented today, call for the use of face masks if there is not enough room for social distancing. You must be at least 1.5 metres apart.

Masks will have to be worn next to the sea shore and in access areas to the beach at all times. Also, in changing rooms.

A Spanish government source said: "you will have to wear your mask except if you are actually sunbathing (as long as there is room for social distancing) and when you go for a swim. Apart from that you will have to mask up....."


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Juan love / Hace 10 months

I hope the Emergency services will be on standby when all of the cases of people passing out due to heatstroke start coming through.


tom / Hace 10 months

John. your point is valid, and in a modern society, travel and holidays should be available for everyone with different budgets. therefore the key is to put quotas on the amounts of planes, cruise ships, super yachts, etc . these quotas could be negotiated annually allowing also for adjustment upwards or down wards with government and those companies effected. This would put the brakes on the relentless profit only driven companies like the airlines, cruise ship companies and make them rethink their product, to not more and more but to better service higher quality experience etc as marketing tools to a destination that remains desirable for decades to come, and to abandon the short term dumping of maximum capacity tourism for quick profits. The global fishing industry already works like this as otherwise there would be hardly any fish left in the oceans.


Roger / Hace 10 months

@TJ....I appreciate a positive response....I am a tourism development consultant, live permanently in Mallorca and have had meetings with the Balearic government in recent months to put forward many ideas for the future to create a more sustainable tourism economy that benefits all sectors of summary, they agree with all concepts and needs, but then nothing happens...they say they will be developing a new tourism development and operation strategy and I am welcomed to submit an official proposal...but again nothing happens...all very frustrating and very disappointing....I welcome the support of others prepared to focus on the need and the solutions...feel free to call me at any time but I am sure you can only do this via MDB for various data protection rules.


tom / Hace 10 months

Roger agree with you. the key to control the virus is the amounts of people moving in and out of countries. This starts and stops with airlines. All governments have failed to stop and control the amount of planes landing and leaving the second a country or island opens up. Airlines then divert more than half their fleets to that island or country, see Easter Mallorca on what the airlines did. Governments should simply limit the amount of planes to tolerable levels and ships making mass tourism a thing of the past , and simply tourism based on availability making for a better environment. Unrestricted tourism will destroy more than it saves with all the economic effects.


johnj / Hace 10 months

I agree TJ. And I'm interested in how you can get rid of mass tourism? I also hope differential doesn't mean higher class hotels so the less wealthy can't come, its not the Maldives! We all have a right to enjoy this beautiful island. I agree a few years ago there was too much tourism. But I don't see an answer.


TJ / Hace 10 months

@Roger - interesting idea, what do you have in mind?


Peter / Hace 10 months

Recent studies (and long time common sense) show that you dont get Covid in outdoor areas. This mask mandate is pointless and possibly harmful. In these temperatures you will be wearing a bacteria infested rag in front of upur mouth in no-time.


Roger / Hace 10 months

@ Tom....I am sure that your observations are wholly correct.....all the more reason to rid Mallorca of most of its mass tourism and position it as a much more differentiated product that betters serves the hospitality companies and the local resident population


tom / Hace 10 months

Based on seeing yesterday thousands of people on the beaches here with no masks and in groups larger than 6 by far and with zero social distancing , all rules and new rules are just pointless, and the pubic won't follow them and enforcement is impossible for the few policemen driving around on their scooters... and this is now even before mass tourism... its all wishful thinking by the government here, there is no control anymore...a few hundred policemen cannot control a million tourists in high season let alone the 5000 here now . Mission impossible and Covid will go up then.


sayhi / Hace 10 months

moving the goal posts daily to keep the fear going and keep control of everyone... fascism is here even after news of state of alarm ''supposed to finish next month.. they'll move posts again. EU is now pushing a fascist state Spain is a Chinese modelled communist state