AstraZeneca Vaccine.

AstraZeneca Vaccine. archive photo.


The Ministry of Health has just proposed that the AstraZeneca vaccine only be given to people who are 60-65 years of age.

Health Minister Carolina Darias.

The Ministry included the issue of AstraZeneca on the Inter-territorial Health Council meeting agenda, after the meeting of the European Ministers of Health analysed the conclusions of the European Medicines Agency regarding the vaccine.

The EMA has confirmed a possible link between AstraZeneca and cases of blood clotting in some people who received the vaccine.

“Unusual low platelet clots should be included as very rare side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine, based on all currently available evidence,” according to the EMA Safety Committee, or PRAC.

The EMA insists that the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine far outweigh the risks of the side effects.

In Spain, the AstraZeneca vaccine has been administered to those under 65 years-of age, firefighters, police and teachers.


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Jimbo / Hace 10 months

More information regarding AstraZenica. Being cynical is this a case of let's find out which age group it doesn't harm or kill? Initially not over 70's, then it was only up to 55's, then up to 60's. Now only to be given to 60-65's. From my experience this is exactly the age group that can experience low platelet counts, due to existing conditions. I hope they have ordered more Pfizer vaccine as this appears to be the only one without risk, from the currently available scientific evidence.