Biel Company of the Partido Popular second left. |

Following the event in Palma on Friday to mark the creation of the "All Together" pact, the leader of the Partido Popular in the Balearics, Biel Company, said that "Italy is working to ensure that its islands are safe from a health point of view in order to boost tourist activity".

"This is something that should already have been done here but is not happening. While countries like Italy work to offer safe islands for tourism, Sánchez and Armengol still do not react. The Balearics urgently need mass vaccination before the season."

Company added that the Balearics also need to be prepared in case there is the possibility of buying vaccines. "The islands should be well positioned for the acquisition of vaccines authorised by the EU." Asked whether these included the Russian Sputnik vaccine, Company reiterated that they have to be authorised.

"The same thing that happened during the first wave cannot happen again. We cannot stand still, wait for things to happen and then join. There are currently many EU territories that are making arrangements for the acquisition of vaccines."

Antoni Amengual of El Pi argued that there should be different treatment for the Balearics. "What we need, both here in the Balearics and in the Canaries, is a specific approach in the vaccination programme. Until now, the Sánchez government hasn't done so. And if you have to go and buy vaccines, then El Pi are in favour of buying vaccines."

Cosme Bonet of PSOE was of the view that the acceleration of the vaccination process and the introduction of the vaccination certificate will make it possible to reach summer with a level of immunity that allows the tourism season to start. Regarding the approach in Italy, he suggested that there will be regions of Italy which do not agree that there should be vaccination on the islands before other areas.