Shops closed in Palma. archive photo. | Jaume Morey

The PalmaActiva Governing Council has granted a subsidy to a series of plaintiffs who did not receive coronavirus aid because of an error made by Palma City Council.

One of the requirements for accessing aid was that applicants didn’t have any debt with the Consistory.

Seven plaintiffs from the Department of Collection of the Consistory were originally reported to have debts with the Municipal Administration, but in February it was proven that they were in fact up to date with their payments.

The agreement states that 15,500 euros from the PalmaActiva 2021 budget can be used to pay those who were refused aid.

"This fact shows that it was not true what the City Council said in the past that no more money could be allocated for aid in order to reach more beneficiaries, many of whom had been left out due to lack of budget,” stormed PP’s Julio Martínez. “At a meeting of the Governing Council I asked how these beneficiaries would be paid if the credit had already run out and they answered that they would be paid with money from the 2021 budget, which means that more money could have been allocated to pay more companies and self-employed workers.

The Governing Council has also approved the modification of criteria justifying line 2 of the grants, so that non-compliance is not the basis for losing the right to receive aid, nor the fact that the beneficiaries have been obliged to reinstate workers subject to the subsidy to a Temporary Employment Regulation File or have reduced the working hours of these employees, provided that these circumstances occurred from December 1, when the new restrictions were imposed by the government.

The reason for this change is that the first criteria corresponded to an optimistic expectation of a return to normal, not to what actually happened. The return to normal was not met due to the evolution of the pandemic, which provoked the implementation of new restrictions.